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Class 1 have continued to combine working hard with having fun. Since the start of the new term we have welcomed back some of our pupils, whilst continuing to keep in contact with those who are learning from home. We have been learning all about different ways of travelling and have thoroughly enjoyed opportunities to get outdoors in all weathers to experience the world around us. The boys and girls just loved walking in the snow and visiting the Lisanally snowman during the recent snowfall. The children have continued to benefit from a variety of sensory activities on a daily basis. We all (staff included) love walking our Daily Mile and get so much out of this activity for everyone. We love watching the online Assemblies on a Friday as this is a great opportunity for the children to see their friends in other classes and to really feel part of the Lisanally community during a somewhat different school year.

Class 1 are part of the Junior Department. Our class is made up of 8 pupils, 4 girls and 4 boys.

Class 1 is a welcoming environment where the children are encouraged to work hard, and to have fun learning in a stimulating and structured environment.

The children in Class 1 have a well-established handwashing routine throughout the day. Our morning starts with structured play in the classroom where a wide variety of activities are on offer for the children to choose from. These include art and crafts, jigsaws, threading, activities to promote fine motor skills and a small world area. During this time the children have an opportunity to complete the sensory circuit on a 1:1 basis. This is carried out 1st thing in the morning to help aid concentration. The children then complete their individual work and also avail of 1:1 teacher time. After this, the children are ready for some well-deserved fresh air in the form of our daily mile. Roll call is significant for the children’s learning. During this time, we focus on letter and number of the week, the date and weather and pupil of the day. The interactive board is used throughout roll call and the children enjoy this opportunity to engage in ICT. Break and dinner time provide valuable learning opportunities for the children’s social skills, such as sharing, requesting food and using a knife and fork. The children have enjoyed online Jo Jingles and it was lovely to see Jen and Jo. They also enjoy watching weekly online assemblies from various classes.

Some of our topics this term includes ‘Nature Adventures/Eco Home’ and ‘Guess Who’ and ‘Halloween’. The structured play activities, art and work reflected these topics.

We recognise that each one of our pupils are unique, special and valued. As such, each child has an I.E.P (Individualized Education Plan) that is assessed every six weeks, both to ensure progress and to ensure that the individual needs of the pupils are met.

We endeavour to embrace the six principles of nurture at all times in Class 1, and in particular that our classroom is a “safe base for our pupils” where they can fulfil their potential.

The start of this school year has been a very different one for us all and we look forward to the day when we can avail of all the amazing opportunities throughout the school.