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Since we came back after Christmas the pupils of Class 12 have continued to work really hard across all areas. We focused on our topic of Where in the World where we learned about the continents and all the different countries and cultures within each Continent. We are now on our topic of Responding Responsibly and have had a particular focus on what we can do to improve the environment and lare we live in through recycling.

We have started a new project where we are making a new game for the senior playground recycling an old pallet and this will be ready after Easter. This requires lots of sanding and varnishing before we can get it just right for what we need. Watch this space....

The class continue to benefit from the whole school wellbeing programs in place including happiness boxes. Everyone enjoyed the St Patrick's Day Hooley as well as our afternoon where the boys from our bubble, Class 9 came to our room and enjoyed an afternoon of snacks & football, while the girls visited the girls in Class 9 for a pampering afternoon.

We continue to work a number of Art projects as well as key literacy & numeracy skills, not forgetting the daily jobs that need done to help make the daily routine run smoothly.

Everyone has worked extremely well this term, with weekly awards for the pupil of the week in our class. A relaxing break over Easter is well deserved by all.

This term the pupils in Class 12 have been working really hard on their theme of Where in the World.

We have explored different countries, their flags, their people, what they are famous for and learned about these aspects, including the Amazon rainforest and Sahara Desert. After learning about the different types of native birds, the class also completed a bird survey, having set out some home-made bird feeders.

We continue to work hard on our daily living skills and completing all of the class jobs. We have been recording our times completing our Daily mile walk, for which our best time to date is 24 minutes and coming down all the time. Everyone is encouraging each other to try just a little bit harder each time we go out.

We continue to complete our weekly Yoga sessions and have also been enjoying some PE sessions in class with Joe Wicks as we are unable to use the main hall at present. Our classroom has become very versatile in being used as an art studio, a gym, a yoga hall, a dining room, a meeting room and a living room. Our pupils are working extremely well in the current climate and we couldn't be more proud of them all.

With all this hard work going on, we do try to have some fun, as can be seen from our photos.

Well what a busy couple of months. The pupils of class 12 have worked really hard as always. They have made a range of products as part of their Young Enterprise programme and their business, Classy Crafts. They made mug & sock gift sets, wooden snowmen, log candle holders and phone stands. The parents of the Class 12 had a flash preview sale, before items were sold to staff. We would like to thank everyone for their support in buying our products. We explored how much we spent on buying what we needed to make our products, and in turn how much we needed to charge for our products.

Parents also made generous donation to make up a lovely food hamper which, along with donations from other classes will be donated to the local Food Bank.

We dressed and visited the Crib in school in the run up to Christmas and got ourselves in the mood with some Christmas activities. We have had some great fun in the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas. We were delighted to welcome Santa in a social distanced visit to the school, but as we were unable to get photos with him, we took matters into our own hands by using the magic of Green screen!

We have 10 pupils in our class and we are a Keystage 4/5 class. We are delighted to be back to school and have settled in well. The teacher in our class is Mr. McAllister and the classroom assistants are Aveen & Caolán.

We work hard in all areas and cover our Literacy, Numeracy, Science, PE, Art and many other subjects over the course of our week.

We enjoy Yoga and have been playing golf in our PE sessions this term.

Unfortunately we are unable to get out on trips to fully complete our John Muir award work, but we are certainly making the most of working within our school grounds.