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Hello everyone. So this will be the last week of online learning for this school year. Next week we will be providing learning packs with some fun summer activities to be completed at home until the end of June. You will still be able to log onto the school website and access any of the learning links that you have been enjoying. I wish you all a very Happy Summer and keep safe! Looking forward to seeing you all back in school again soon.




Functional Skills:             Matching socks – give your child a bundle of coloured or patterned socks and get them to pair them up! They can place a pair together, peg them together or fold them into each other.




  • Assemble tasks – if you have a small torch in the house, unscrew the parts and take out the batteries and let your child work out how to reassemble it.
  • Lids and bottles – raid your recycling bin for this task. Have a number of empty containers such as milk cartons, deodorants, lemonade bottles with their matching tops. Ask your child to find the top that matches the bottle and screw it on.




  • Cutlery tray – empty out your cutlery tray, place one of each, a spoon, knife and fork in each separate part and ask your child to sort the rest of the cutlery.








  • Home Economics   Cheesy Quesadillas – take a tortilla wrap, add some grated cheese to half the wrap (now at this stage you could add further ingredients if you wanted like salsa, cooked chicken, peppers or ham) fold over the wrap and cook in an oiled pan for 3 minutes each side until golden brown and cut into wedges. Serve and enjoy! Yum!







  • Yoga – Barry our yoga teacher has provided some exercises for the children to try at home via video! Please have a look. Click on the home/school tab of the school website, then photo gallery, scroll down and you will see the video.




Have fun trying the activities and enjoy the nice weather!!



Hello everyone. It was such a surprise to see the pupil video made for staff. It made us smile so much and also reminded us how much we miss you all so much. We loved the picture of Michael holding up our photos that was so special to see, thank you Michael. I hope everyone else is keeping safe and well.




  • Functional SkillsMaking a hot/cold drink– I hope the boys can really show off what they have been practising in class with this week’s functional skills task. If making a hot drink remind your child about being cautious when using hot water. Please see attached documents for visual stages of making tea which you can show and read through with your child beforehand. For an extension activity, complete the sequencing sheet.


Making a cold drink – locate a glass from the correct cupboard. Locate the cordial from the correct cupboard. Pour appropriate amount of cordial into glass (best to demonstrate this first) go to sink or use jug to add appropriate amount of water. Enjoy nice refreshing drink and replace cordial bottle to cupboard and wash own glass.









  • Home Economics   Jelly fluffs – a nice simple desert ideal for this time of year. See attached document for ingredients and method. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous try making trifle! Always a firm favourite with the boys.







Have fun trying the activities and enjoy the nice weather!!


Download this file (Cup-of-Tea-Vocabulary-Poster.pdf)Cup-of-Tea-Vocabulary-Poster.pdf[Cup-of-Tea-Vocabulary-Poster.pdf]1026 kB
Download this file (Jelly Fluff.pdf)Jelly Fluff.pdf[Jelly Fluff.pdf]225 kB
Download this file (making-a-cup-of-tea-sequencing-cards.pdf)making-a-cup-of-tea-sequencing-cards.pdf[making-a-cup-of-tea-sequencing-cards.pdf]430 kB


Hello everyone.




So the last of the birthdays this month were Miss Mc Cann’s and Caroline’s. We had a lovely time celebrating our birthdays at home with our families just like you have been doing. I hope you are still enjoying having a go at some of the activities each week. Remember that you can go back and look at previous week’s suggestions as well as looking at the other class pages to see what they are doing.




· Functional Skills - Mop the floor– This week ask your child to help out with the family chores by mopping the kitchen floor. Begin by reminding them when completing this you have to be very careful when using warm/hot water and cautious of a slippery floor. Firstly, ask your child to locate the mop and bucket, help them to fill the bucket with the appropriate amount of warm water, add appropriate amount of cleaning agent, demonstrate how to mop a selected area and ask them to copy, rinse and squeeze mop in between each clean, empty bucket water down the drain when finished, return mop and bucket to storage area.




· Home Economics – Toastie- As a special treat for break we make ham and cheese toasties so I know the boys will enjoy helping to make the lunch a day this week if toasties are on the menu. 


Ask your child to;


Locate equipment from around the kitchen such as a chopping board, plate, butter knife.


Then locate food items such as bread, butter, ham, cheese.




Firstly, practice buttering skills and encourage them to do this as independently as possible. Allow your child to choose which toppings they would like and practice chopping/cutting skills.


Place the toasties onto the sandwich maker or into the toaster and practice caution when using hot equipment.


Show them how to recognise when the toastie is ready and transfer it carefully to the chopping board to cut in half.


Lastly, enjoy!! 




Encourage them to work as independently as possible during all stages.




· Sensory Science - Lava lamp experiment




As you know each week in class we have an Attention Autism activity which the boys really enjoy watching or participating with. Here is a very simple one you could try at home.


Lava lamp experiment


1. Get a glass


2. Fill it a quarter with water then pour oil on top (more oil than water) leaving about 5cm to the top of the glass


3. Add drops of food colouring


4. Then drop in an alka seltzer tablet and watch what happens. 




Maybe you could even take a picture of you trying this experiment at home to share on the school website.


I hope you are all still getting out for your daily exercise. But if the weather isn’t so great you can try Joe Wicks PE sessions live on You Tube every morning at 9am. Just join in and do the exercises you can and get another family member to join in with you.





Hello everyone. Another week and another birthday in Class 12! This time it is Michaels turn. I would like to wish Michael a very happy birthday for Wednesday when he celebrates his 16th birthday. I have no doubt Michael you will be outside on the bouncy castle and enjoying some chocolate cake!! Please see below this week’s suggested activities that will fit in with your daily schedules at home. Just do what you can of course and have fun! There are some lovely photos of Michael and Conor on the school website have a look to see what your friends are up to at home.




  • Functional SkillsSweep the floor– locate the floor brush/broom, sweep the floor correctly, sweep debris into a small pile, use dustpan to sweep up debris, empty dustpan contents into bin, put cleaning items away correctly.


I must say the boys are a great help when it comes to sweeping the floor in class and after dinner as part of lunch time tidy up. So do encourage them to join in with tidy up chores at home daily.




  • Home Economics Cocktail sausage puffs- Another firm favourite with the boys is sausage rolls which are always welcomed for a special break or party! This is a fun and simple twist of making sausage rolls…. Have a go using the link provided…  


Very simple recipe, you just need puff pastry, flour, 1 egg and some cocktail sausages.







Ciara works with our children in school delivering lessons and the pupils get so much enjoyment from these. Ciara has put up the recipe for salt dough and some live demonstrations of how to make various ornaments, have a look and please have a go at making one or two. See below the attachment called Salt dough recipe for those who don’t have Facebook and also want to join in on this fun activity.




1 cup of salt 
1cup of plain flour 
1/2 cup of water 


A mixing bowl 
A rolling pin 
A pencil or bamboo skewer 
Some baking paper or plain paper if you don't have any.  
A paint brush and glass of water 
Any cookie cutters you have lying around. But these are not essential. 



1 cup of salt
1cup of plain flour
1/2 cup of water


A mixing bowl
A rolling pin
A pencil or bamboo skewer
Some baking paper or plain paper if you don't have any.
A paint brush and glass of water
Any cookie cutters you have lying around. But these are not essential.


Download this file (Salt Dough Receipe.pdf)Salt Dough Receipe.pdf[Salt Dough Receipe]312 kB


Hello everyone. It was lovely to get chatting to all the parents over the telephone last week. I am so pleased to hear you are all healthy and happy and I also know many of you are missing school, your friends and staff.  It is a special day for John on Tuesday as he turns 17, we all wish you a very happy birthday celebrating with your family!  It was nice to hear what you have all been getting up to at home and even seeing some photographs! This week I have put up some suggested activities that will fit in with the tasks you are already doing at home. If you are only joining the online learning this week please scroll through the previous week’s updates to see a more varied range of curricular activities.




  • Functional Skillswashing up–all week ask your child to practise the following with your support; filling the sink with warm water, add appropriate amount of washing up liquid, use cloth/brush/sponge to wash items, set items on a draining board, locate drying cloth, dry dishes appropriately, put items away in correct location, rinse sink and draining board.






  • Sensory On your daily walk this week try looking out for signs of Spring. You can use the attached document if you like and get an adult or sibling to help you.


Download this file (-Spring-Hunt-Checklist.pdf)-Spring-Hunt-Checklist.pdf[-Spring-Hunt-Checklist]936 kB

Hello everyone. Can you believe it is the Month of May already!! This month we celebrate many birthdays in our class, John, Michael and even Miss Mc Cann’s! I want to wish Jamie a belated Happy Birthday from all of us for his birthday in April. Hopefully we will all be together soon celebrating. Hope you enjoy this week’s tasks.

  • Literacy  - Time for some writing practice!! Open the document Spring Tracing sheets and print off. If you have no printer just copy the words onto paper using a thick marker and your child can trace over the marker using a pencil. Also attached is a Spring Word Search if your child is able to complete.


  • Functional Skillsclearing the table–all week ask your child to practise the following; collect items from the table, sort clean and dirty items, place dirty items into sink or dishwasher, return clean items to the cupboard, put condiments back into the cupboard, clean table and worktops using spray and a cloth.


  • MathematicsHave you any jigsaws in the house? Then hoke them out! We have been practising hard all year at completing 12 and 15 piece puzzles. Try these online versions too;


  • Home Economics Pizza Toastsee attached document for ingredients and instructions. Pizza is always a firm favourite with the boys of Class 12.

           You don’t have to do them all, just what you can of course, but do try hard and  

           get someone to do it with you, mum, dad, brother or sister.



Login: Lisanally02 Password: password123 The games which are age and ability appropriate for this class are; Jungle Adventure, Little Lost Penguin, Chopper Rescue, Hurdle Champion, Whack a Gopper.

Download this file (Pupils Song Choice 6.pdf)Pupils Song Choice 6.pdf[Pupils Song Choice 6]342 kB
Download this file (Spring Tracing Sheets.pdf)Spring Tracing Sheets.pdf[Spring Tracing Sheets]335 kB
Download this file (Spring Wordsearch.pdf)Spring Wordsearch.pdf[Spring Wordsearch]789 kB

Hello everyone. Just a little message from Miss Mc Cann, Orla, Caroline and Jack to say we miss you all very much. I hope you have been outside as much as you can be enjoying the lovely sunny weather. Please take some pictures and share them on the school website as we would love to see what you have been up to!

  • Literacy  - Open the attached document called Spring vocabulary chart and talk through with your child what each picture is. You can print off two copies, and cut the pictures from one sheet to create a matching activity or you can say the word and ask your child to point to the correct picture.
  • Functional Skillsusing a washing machine with support– place clothes into the washing machine, put detergent in machine, set appropriate programme, start the programme, recognise when machine has finished, unload clothes into a washing basket, hang clothes out on a washing line using pegs or a clothes horse.
  • Mathematics practical activity – colour matching / copying patterns         

Print off the attached document colour matching strips and cut out

each strip individually so you have three singulars. If unable to print

just copy the patterns onto paper using markers. Put coloured pegs

into a basket and ask your child to complete the strips by placing a

peg onto each coloured square. Start with strip one and finish with strip three. It’s a fun task which all the boys can do independently.

  • Home Economics French Toastsee attached document for ingredients and instructions. (After Easter I am sure you are ready for something non-chocolate related!!)
  • SensoryWith the weather being nice I am sure you are all spending

plenty of time in the garden or out for a daily walk. Make it fun by

playing with some bubbles. A sensory activity you could try is called

Frozen Flower Ice. Pick some flowers such as daisies and buttercups,

place them at the bottom of a plastic cup or yoghurt container. Add                     

water, put in the freezer and look the next day to see the results!          

Login: Lisanally02 Password: password123 The games which are age and ability appropriate for this class are; Jungle Adventure, Little Lost Penguin, Chopper Rescue, Hurdle Champion, Whack a Gopper.


Download this file (colour pattern strips.pdf)colour pattern strips.pdf[colour pattern strips]207 kB
Download this file (French Toast.pdf)French Toast.pdf[French Toast]470 kB
Download this file (Pupils Song Choice 5.pdf)Pupils Song Choice 5.pdf[Pupils Song Choice 5]306 kB
Download this file (Spring Vocabulary Chart.pdf)Spring Vocabulary Chart.pdf[Spring Vocabulary Chart]273 kB

Hello everyone. Hope you all enjoyed a nice week celebrating Easter. Our theme for the next 6 weeks is Spring. 

·         Literacy  - Match the Sounds is a fun and simple activity that your child will enjoy . They listen to the sound first and then select the correct picture that matches the sound.  


·         Functional Skills –Laying the table– tasks to give your child include; identify correct items of cutlery, place table cloth on table or position table mats, position cutlery correctly on table, set out appropriate number of cups/glasses, set out appropriate condiments. 


·         Mathematics There are a range of Spring themed Maths activities using this link please choose an activity and level suited to your child’s ability. 


·         Home Economics Chocolate Mug Cakesee attached document for ingredients and instructions. 


·         Sensory Tac Pac – if you do not have Tac Pac at home it is very simple to recreate and it is a firm favourite on our timetable with all the boys. Refer to the attached document called Tac Pac One Set Two. Gather the items listed but where you don’t have an item such as a paint roller or chopsticks improvise with a rolling pin or knitting needles for example. Use the link to play music for each object and use it on your child’s body as instructed. An easier position is for your child to lie on the sofa, take their socks and shoes off and roll up their trousers to their knees. There is no right or wrong to this, your child will soon let you know they are enjoying it. Have a go and have fun!  


·         Choose activity Use the attached document called pupils song choice 4. Show this to your child and they will indicate either verbally or by pointing, the song they would like to listen to and then use the following link to play the song 


·         Games Use the link to access games 

Login: Lisanally02 Password: password123 The games which are age and ability appropriate for this class are; Jungle Adventure, Little Lost Penguin, Chopper Rescue, Hurdle Champion, Whack a Gopper. 


Download this file (Chocolate Mug Cake.pdf)Chocolate Mug Cake.pdf[Chocolate Mug Cake]416 kB
Download this file (Pupils Song Choice 4.pdf)Pupils Song Choice 4.pdf[Pupils Song Choice 4]254 kB
Download this file (Tac Pac One Set Two.pdf)Tac Pac One Set Two.pdf[Tac Pac One Set Two]588 kB

Hello everyone. Hope you are all keeping well now into our third week of online learning. There will be a break now until after Easter so I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Easter. Relax and enjoy this time with family. 

According to ability your child can either read and match the word to the picture or point to the picture when you say the word. 


  • Functional Skills – Personal Presentation – dressing/undressing  all pupils are encouraged to manage their self-care needs as independently as they can and to the best of their ability. Allow your child the time to practise putting on and taking off a t-shirt, trousers, socks, shoes, tie laces, fasten Velcro straps, button a shirt, brush hair and check appearance. Allow time for your child to realise items of clothing that may have been put on inside out or the wrong way round and to self-correct.  


  • Mathematics  Use the following links to complete activities on MONEY;  


A suggested practical task is to put one of each coin into a container and give your child a handful of loose coins to sort into the containers. They can sort according to colour, size or same.   


  • Home Economics  Mini Egg Cupcakes– Follow the recipe from the link provided which incorporates mathematical skills such as counting, measuring and weighing   


  • Sensory – Each day enjoy a foot spa with bubbles! Even if you don’t have a foot spa just fill a basin with warm water and allow your child to relax for up to 15minutes or as long as they feel comfortable.  



Login: Lisanally02 Password: password123 The games which are age and ability appropriate for this class are; Jungle Adventure, Little Lost Penguin, Chopper Rescue, Hurdle Champion, Whack a Gopper. 

Download this file (Pupils Song Choice 3.pdf)Pupils Song Choice 3.pdf[Pupils Song Choice 3]305 kB

Hello everyone. Hopefully you were successful in accessing last week’s online learning activities and that your child has enjoyed completing them. Please continue accessing these if they worked well and also see below some new suggested activities.

  • Functional Skills – Personal Presentation – Washing hair and body – a fundamental part of the class programme is following a showering programme daily to develop our levels of independence with self-care - Use the attached PowerPoint, Rules for Showering and Dressing to read though with your child. There are other useful PowerPoints on the following link about being a teenager and changes to the body if you wish to discuss any of these with your child
  • MathematicsUse the following links to complete activities on;

Number recognition

Sequencing of number



  • Home Economics Funfetti CookiesFollow the recipe from the link provided which incorporates mathematical skills such as counting, measuring and weighing


  • Sensory Every day head outside and complete a daily mile walk together which should take up to 20minutes.



Login: Lisanally02 Password: password123 The games which are age and ability appropriate for this class are; Jungle Adventure, Little Lost Penguin, Chopper Rescue, Hurdle Champion, Whack a Gopper.

Download this file (Pupils Song Choice 2.pdf)Pupils Song Choice 2.pdf[Pupils Song Choice 2]325 kB
Download this file (Rules for Showering and Dressing.pdf)Rules for Showering and Dressing.pdf[Rules for Showering and Dressing]237 kB