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This term has been another busy term. Class 13 have taken part in Literacy week, were we discussed the topic of emotions and feelings. We looked at how are emotions affect others for example How a smile is contagious. The boys really in engaged in these lessons and enjoyed them.

The weather has been much nicer this term, which has allowed class 13 to be out doing more gardening. We have planted some seeds and have transported them over to the potting shed until they are ready to be planted outside.

We also have been busy having lots of fun, we had dancing at the St Patricks Hooley, which took part in our own classes and everyone wore green.

Our PE programme this term has been different too, we have been enjoying Movement Mondays and Workout Wednesdays.

Finally, Class 13 have been getting ready for Easter. This week we have been preparing for the Great Lisanally Bake off, which we are all so excited about. In the lead up to Easter we have also been baking lots of yummy treats from Crème Egg Brownies to Easter Egg cheesecakes.

Happy New Year to everyone. We have returned to Lisanally, with full steam ahead this term.

Our new topic has been 'Where in the world'. The boys in class 13 have been looking at different countries and have been exploring their culture. We have been sampling traditional dishes that these countries eat. In week one, we looked at our own country and made a hearty Irish Stew. Then in the following weeks we made cuisines from other countries from croissants to Paella and hot dogs. The boys loved tasting all the yummy dishes.

Our art has also been linked to our topic and we have been creating some wonderful masterpieces. This ranges from designing flags from tissue paper to producing inspired individual Pablo Picasso pieces.

In maths we are working on the topic of Money. Money is an important topic for pupils to learn, as it is something we use in everyday life. Our objectives are to focus on simple calculations and teaching the value of coins and notes.

We are continuing to all work hard in school.

We have had a very busy term preparing for Christmas and although it was somewhat different to the Christmas we usually have in Lisanally, it was still a fun one.

In term two our new topic will be 'Where in the world', the boys are looking forward to exploring what happens different countries.

Class 13 is a Nurture Room, which is a busy and fun class with five pupils and four staff. The class teacher is Mrs McAnulty and our three classroom assistants are; Caroline, Jaccie and Demi.

As the pupils learn in many different ways we use visual strategies and a tactile approach to hands on learning. We follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum which is adapted to suit the needs of each individual pupil. We begin each day with pupils making a choice on their choice board. Pupils then enjoy a session of reflexology.

All pupils then take part in our group roll call. Here we explore a range of topics from Literacy, Numeracy, Music and ICT. In term one we are exploring the topic 'Knowing and Growing'.