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Huge congratulations to Mrs Devin.

Mrs Devin recently completed training on the Theory and Practice of Nurture Groups. The training focused on the theory of nurture and the significance of good practice. In addition to completing a three-day training course. Mrs Devin also completed and submitted an assignment as part of the course. We are delighted to say that she passed with flying colours! Congratulations from all at Lisanally.

Art - Junior department enjoying a range of art activities for Mother’s day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Spring.

In Lisanally, ‘Number’ is an important aspect of Maths which is taught continually throughout the year. Number forms the basis of all other learning areas in Maths. Pictured are pupils working on the concept of ‘money’; recognising and ordering coins, as well as adding together sums of money and calculating change. In the area of ‘measure’, some boys and girls are learning how to measure length and to compare the size and weight of different objects.

Keep up the good work everyone!

In Lisanally, Horticulture allows us to develop physical skills, including fine motor skills, and gives each child a sense of responsibility. As well as having fun outdoors, gardening has shown to be have many benefits to health and wellbeing.

This term, the boys and girls at Lisanally have been super busy. We have;

  • Created bird feeders
  • Brushed leaves
  • Planted seeds
  • Prepared flower beds

Physical Education can challenge and inspire. It can lead to life changes in terms of improved health, learning achievements and the development of positive relationships. Furthermore, we are increasingly tasked with the responsibility to educate students about ways to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Throughout the month of March, pupils and staff have been given the opportunity to participate in an Interactive Movement Monday and Workout Wednesday PE programme. This programme was organised by Special Olympics Ireland.

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." PLATO

In Lisanally music is an enjoyable learning experience. We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences, and we have lots of fun exploring the sounds of different instruments, learning about tempo, pitch and dynamics and listening to different types of music. We have been listening to Makaton Musicals from the English Opera Company and coming up in May we will have music week so stay tuned!

In Lisanally PDMU activities are important in helping our children to build on their personal skills, to develop their self esteem and self confidence, to understand their emotions, to realise the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to build positive relationships within school, their family and the wider community. During these difficult and uncertain times, PDMU is important in cultivating our children’s mental health and wellbeing and building nurturing relationships. These activities are interactive, practical, fun and meaningful for our children.

The month of March has signalled a new beginning in many respects. We welcome the Spring and watch as nature springs to life once more. We recently celebrated the feast of St. Patrick in true Lisanally style with a Zoom hooley. The children had a ball partying and dancing to all their favourite songs.

As Easter fast approaches we remember the events of Holy Week and look forward to celebrating the risen Jesus on Easter Sunday. Although we cannot presently meet together as a whole school, we continue to celebrate the word of God and all our wonderful achievements at our weekly virtual Assemblies.

At this special time of year we are greatly missing our wonderful, dedicated clergy who bring so much to our celebration of Easter. However, as always we were not disappointed when all four members of the clergy provided food for the soul in the form of a special Easter message at the end of the Easter Assembly. The children and staff alike were delighted to see them.

We would like to extend our very best wishes for a very Happy and holy Easter to all the clergy and look forward to their continued support in the remainder of the school year.

As part of a Rights Respecting School, we follow Article 31:

Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

In Lisanally, during structured and free play, pupils are provided with:

  • A rich and stimulating environment.
  • Meaningful learning experiences initiated by both adults and children.
  • Time to think, practice new skills and reflect on their activities.

We believe that play allows children and young people to learn at their own pace in subjects across the curriculum but mostly importantly... while they are having fun!!

This time has been undoubtedly difficult for everyone and for our children, it is like nothing they will have ever experienced before, casting feelings of loss, anxiety and uncertainty over the past few months.

Schools will have a key role in helping children on their road to recovery, in both gaps in their learning as well as their emotional wellbeing, and now more than ever our amazing subject can have a huge impact on our children and young people.

As 'Recovery Curriculums' are implemented within schools up and down the country, focusing primarily on children's social and emotional wellbeing, PE can be used as a vehicle to aid this. Physical Education lends itself to so much more than just the physical and whilst physical health is also very important for our children at this time, our subject caters very much so to the development of a child's social, emotional and cognitive needs too.

Pupils participating in PE, Mini Yoga, Relaxation, Games and Sensory Motor Circuit as part of our Recovery Curriculum.