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Please see the PDF downloads below.

Download this file (Rules for Dressing.pdf)Rules for Dressing.pdf[Rules for Dressing]167 kB
Download this file (Week 3 instructions.pdf)Week 3 instructions.pdf[Week 3 instructions]92 kB

Hi everyone,


I hope you are all safe and well.


Please refer to the ‘Resources’ tab on our website to check out some suggested activities from the Physio and OT department.


Morning Activity- Daily mile walk or a 20-minute walk. As Class 10 have been completing their daily walk most days in school, this is another positive way to establish a daily routine at home.


Literacy activity - Word meanings activity: Please see link below to practise reading the sentences independently or with support and select the correct meaning of the word.



Matching game: Below is a link for a memory matching activity which you can choose an appropriate level for your child by altering the number of cards.


Maths – Please see link below for an activity on topmarks website focusing on the area of ‘measure’.


Practical activity – Practise using a measuring jug; ask/help your child to make up some juice by pouring a certain number of mls of juice into a jug and adding water.

Practise using the terms ‘full’, ‘empty’, ‘half full’, ‘almost empty' etc. Or simply, practise pouring from a jug into a glass and follow instructions to stop, add more, and so on.


Functional skills activity – Personal presentation; Body Washing. Please see attached PowerPoint. Read through the PowerPoint with your child. Activity: Print (if you can) and cut out the body washing picture cards and put them into order.


Body Parts matching game:


Body parts Snap game:


Home Economics – Make scrambled eggs and toast.


Sensory – Foot spa or basin with bubbles. Put on some relaxing music in the background.


Many thanks.


Keep safe and take care.


Download this file (Body washing picture cards ordering activity.pdf)Body washing picture cards ordering activity.pdf[Body washing picture cards ordering activity]518 kB
Download this file (Rules for Showering.pdf)Rules for Showering.pdf[Rules for Showering]220 kB

Hi Everyone, attached are instructions and useful activities for this week.

Download this file (t-m-3092-washing-your-hands-display-poster-_ver_2.pdf)t-m-3092-washing-your-hands-display-poster-_ver_2.pdf[Washing your hands poster]395 kB
Download this file (The-Corona-Virus-Free-Printable-Updated-2-The-Autism-Educator-.pdf)The-Corona-Virus-Free-Printable-Updated-2-The-Autism-Educator-.pdf[Corona VIrus Free Printable]1038 kB
Download this file (Week 1 Instructions.pdf)Week 1 Instructions.pdf[Week 1 Instructions]98 kB

Welcome to Class 10. We are a Nurture Room in the Secondary Department of Lisanally School. There are 5 pupils in our class; four boys and one girl. We enjoy a wide variety of activities each week. We go swimming at the Orchard Leisure on Tuesday mornings and on Thursdays we go Horse Riding at the RDA. In school we participate in a range of subjects including Art, Home Economics, ICT, PE, Yoga, Music and of course, Maths and English. We also have a weekly visit to our school library where we enjoy having a story read to us before browsing for a book of our own choice or listening to an audio story. In addition to all of that, we are focusing a lot on developing our Functional Living Skills.